She is a Brazilian girl who loves to train. In Brazil she participated in bodybuilding championships which later led her to work as a Personal Trainer.

Her interest in beautiful things led her to study Architecture but she soon discovered that her great passion was for the world of fitness fashion. Passion that increased when she arrived in Europe, where she realized that the clothes used for training were completely different from those used in Brazil. The lack of the "Brazilian" style during training discouraged her.

And because Carol loves working out and is passionate about the world of fitness, she knows there are two fundamental pillars that precede motivation and good quality training:

  • Elegance and style - Pieces that represent your personality, increase motivation in carrying out your physical activity
  • Comfort and safety - The quality of the fabric offers greater mobility of movements increasing the impact on the results

So Carol found the solution to this lack of motivation: she became the first to bring the concept of high-end Brazilian fitness fashion to Italy. She had the goal that every European woman could give a new meaning to her training, having the experience of training in style and with more comfort, through Moda Fitness Brasileira, which is considered the number 1 in the world in terms of quality, colors exclusive authentic designs and patterns.

So say goodbye to those clothes that show cellulite and damage your skin and prevent you from having a good workout due to discomfort. Training with high-level garments, in style, quality and modeling that highlight the curves of your body, increases your self-esteem, your confidence, your motivation and your flexibility of movement, increasing your training results up to 10 times more!

And that's how Formidable Brazil was born, to give a new meaning to your training, bringing more motivation, comfort, elegance and exclusivity that you can only find in Brazilian fitness haute couture.

You are welcome and feel free to choose your favorite look.

Formidable Brazil, you train with style and a high standard!